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Variety Entertainment at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Since 1976, FHM has been a renowned street theater pitch, where seasoned pros or fresh-faced newbies can work their shows throughout the entire year. It’s a challenging but rewarding place to perform, with a great community of performers. We are seeking performers to join our lineup. There are two ways for guest performers to join:

Touring Guest (Year-round, ad hoc)

Are you a professional street entertainer headed through New England? If you’re keen to work FHM, please reach out to at least 60 days in advance of your visit. There’s a good chance you can snag some spots during your time here. Please note, if we don’t already know you from the fair/festival/busking circuit, we may require that you submit a guest variety performer application (see below). 

Seasonal Guest (June 1 - September 30)

Are you a street performer looking for a regular pitch? An up and coming circus artist or variety entertainer who wants to become a full-time busker? We invite you to apply for one of our coveted guest spots during Boston’s busy summer season. Guest spots are limited and highly competitive, but can lead to a full-time roster position. Qualified candidates should be able to demonstrate:

1: Original performance content

2: High-caliber technical skills

3: All-ages appropriate material

4: Good communication skills

5: Flexible, humble and kind behavior

Depending on the number of applications we receive, we may schedule a live audition in April.



Application Form