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India Society of Worcester Performance

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ISW (India Society of Worcester) Symphony presents a Dhol Tasha Lezim Performance featuring a group of over 20 performers playing large drums ( Dhol) with a deep bass sound and snare drums ( Tasha). The group of ISW volunteers showcase various folk rhythm patterns in Dhol Tasha is indigenous to Maharashtra, a state on the west side of India, and is often performed during celebrations, especially during the festival of Ganeshotsav. The group has been named after the multiple instruments involved — dhol is a heavy bass drum carried over the shoulder, tasha is a smaller snare drum worn around the waist, and lezim is a set of small cymbals tied to a wooden handle. We would like to invite the audience to not only watch and listen but also join in the drumming with their dancing feet. Lezim dancers complement the beats by dancing with handheld percussion instruments called ‘Lezim’, choreographing formations that depict Indian folk tales and traditions.

Join us for a joyful and lovely experience in the heart of Boston at the historic Faneuil Market Place on June 15, 2024 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.