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HOMETOWN: Kanab, Utah


BIO: Bob at Large is no stranger to danger! This is where circus meets the streets and three-wheeling, cylinder stacking, comic adventure begins. Unbelievably high skills and seemingly deadly stunts are tightly woven into a show with as much comic tension as a family of whales on a bungee cord. Now you decide; unbalanced inspiration or inspiration-ally unbalanced? Bob’s show is a side splitting laugh a minute.

Bob’s been juggling since he was 13, when he received juggling clubs as a birthday gift. Still in love with circus arts, Bob is the author of “Juggling Step-by-Step.” This book and ball set has taught literally thousands to juggle. Bob’s performed with over 20 circuses. Appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman. Bob’s stunt on Letterman, was so outrageous, CBS included this clip in the tribute, “David Letterman: A Life on Television.”

Above all, Bob’s favorite is street performing. He believes the reactions to the show, from spontaneous and unsuspecting crowds, to be the best!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT PERFORMING AT FANEUIL HALL MARKETPLACE? International audiences with a fun, family atmosphere!

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