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BIO: The band Bubble Visor was formed in 2013 in Newport, RI by brothers Weller and Franklin Littlefield when they were 13 and 11 years old. Both brothers are vocalists with Weller on guitar and Franklin on drums. In 2016 their friend from 2nd grade, Glavine Waldner, joined the band as the saxophone player. The band was originally called Weller and Franklin or Frank and Weller until June 2017 when it became Bubble Visor. They started playing open mics in Taunton, New Bedford, Tiverton and Newport in 2015. July 2016 they played an acoustic show at Partner’s in Westport, Massachusetts and this past April the band performed at the Salvation Cafe opening for Julie Rhodes as well as at the 42nd Annual Harvest Fair at the Norman Bird Sanctuary last October in Middletown, RI.

This past spring the band was chosen to perform weekly at Faneuil Hall in Boston and have been performing there since May. Weller Littlefield, 16, vocals and guitar, lives in Little Compton, RI and is a junior at Portsmouth High School. He formed the band with his brother when he was 13. He is an avid transition/vert skateboarder. He hopes to pursue a career related to sports in some way. Perhaps sports journalism or sports medicine. Franklin Littlefield, 14, vocals and drums, also lives in Little Compton, RI and is a freshman at the MET School in Newport, RI. He also enjoys skateboarding as well as dirt biking. Franklin is currently considering a future in music and or graphic design. Glavine Waldner, 17, tenor saxophone, lives in Little Compton, RI and is currently a junior at Portsmouth High School where he plays tenor in the marching band and symphonic band. He was inspired to play by his Papa, who played saxophone when he was young and still continues to play today. Glavine spends his summer days at South Shore Beach working as a certified lifeguard. He is thinking about architecture as a career in the future.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT PERFORMING AT FANEUIL HALL MARKETPLACE? Our favorite part about performing at Faneuil Hall is the enthusiasm from the visitors. Every time we play people come up and talk to us and ask us questions. They are so supportive and have such positive things to say. They really motivate us to keep at it. It’s nice when you get to do what you love and see the positive effect it has on others.

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