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In Japanese, our name means ‘naughty child’, or ‘one who is willful and determined.’ A good example of that determination is the art of ‘kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’. This philosophy sits right at our heart. It shapes every dish we create, and pushes us to find better ways in all that we do. We’re restless spirits. Forever creating and making things better, we’ve been practicing kaizen since 1992, when we opened our first doors in London’s Bloomsbury.

Inspired by fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars and a celebration of asian food, Wagamama burst into life. We set out to create a unique way of eating. Bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavors of Asia to all that was 20 years ago now. Two whole decades to sharpen skills and refine recipes. To play with spices and discover tastes. We continue to get better with every day.


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Sun-Sat 11 am-11 pm

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